Answering Five Questions about Writing

I’m over on the new and improved Capital City Writers Association blog today answering questions about writing and I’d love to have you join me there!



Click here to read more and if you’re in the Lansing area tomorrow evening head on over to the Eastwood Schuler Books & Music off Lake Lansing Road for my workshop on making the most of your first five pages (Wednesday, June 1, 7:00-8:30pm).



2 thoughts on “Answering Five Questions about Writing

  1. HI Erin: I do follow your posts when I can, but I don’t know if you follow mine. Whatever, my experience from all contacts with writers – and authors, by which I mean published writers – is that it is an individual experience for all and not very repeatable. Like no musical composition is the same. Every serious writer knows that writing requiries discipline, multi-tasking and perseverance, but everyone does so in his/her own way. Your experience is yours, and it is always interesting to learn from one, but yours will not necessary apply to me or any other. The one thing that does stand out is “read in your genre”,”keep up with the craft,” and “revise, revise, revise.” One famous writer – whose name escapes me at this moment – revised his work some twenty times. Hemingway did that even with his first page. Whether you do this in early morning or deep in the night is immatieral. Cheers, John

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