ERIN BARTELS is a copywriter and freelance editor by day, a novelist by night, and a painter, seamstress, poet, and photographer in between. Her debut novel, currently titled The Bone Garden, is scheduled to be released in January 2019 from Revell Books, followed in November 2019 with her second novel, I Hold the Wind, which was a finalist for the 2015 Rising…

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Whether you’re someone who wants to wind down at night with a short story, fill the empty moments with poetry, or allow yourself to get swept into a novel that illuminates the past and delves deep into our present cultural realities, you’re sure to find something from Erin Bartels that challenges, inspires, and entertains.  …

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Erin’s musings on creativity, writing, sewing, nature, Michigan, family, faith, and more, along with all the latest news on her book projects. Often accompanied by lovely photos and sprinkled with what she hope amounts to good advice. Click on the follow button so you’ll never miss a post.

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Book Erin as a speaker, teacher, or panelist at your conference, retreat, book club, writing group, or classroom. She loves talking writing, books, and publishing, and especially enjoys helping young and aspiring writers develop a rich writing life, improve their craft, and understand the publishing process. Choose from one of these topics or suggest your own.…

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This is Michigan. A landscape formed by ice that continues to push up fossils from its time as a tropical sea. A world that is forever being refashioned by wind and waves. An unforgettable masterpiece of seasons, where in the same week you might get frostbite and a sunburn. Who could resist trying to capture it…

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Michigan is an incredible state, both to live in or visit. On this page you’ll find links to great websites that highlight Michigan’s natural beauty, offer Michigan-made products, and unfold the pages of Michigan history. There are also lots of links to great hiking trails, higher education, and Michigan publishing companies. There is something special…

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Erin, Thank you for all your entries to SW. I enjoyed every one. And your self-control in not buying fabric is inspiring, even daunting. Good luck in 2013. I’ll be following your blog.

  2. On “The Elegant Ruin”, Garrison is what many seasoned men are struggling with: it’s a coming of age in reverse, longing to hold on to that precious youth that has slowly been slipping away, cruelly and progressively, then trying to hold on to it a last time, mesmerized by the beauty of a young woman, the age of a daughter, knowing full well it cannot return, making a fool of oneself by trying to reverse it. It’s very well written. It is also a very sad and real part of life.
    I stumbled on your writing trying to find a “comp” for my own story and was grateful to find at least one with a passion for music. If you stroll along the bookshelves, Amazon or Goodread, there is very little similar at hand. I could hear Dorzack’s 9th under Garrison’s withering fingers and the “walloping” sound of strings, brass and percussion instruments. As well as Garrison’s writhing soul looking at Anna, stirring his dream to elegant ruin. Well done – John Schwartz

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