Whether you want to wind down at night with a short story, ramp up your writing career with some great advice for aspiring writers, or settle in for a novel-length work that will sweep you into the past and delve deep into our present cultural realities, you’ll find something here that challenges, inspires, and entertains.



CoverFlatsmallerThis Elegant Ruin . . . and other stories                                                       

In twelve engaging stories, the joys and sorrows of life glow against such varied backdrops as a snowy wood, a quaint country inn, a crumbling metropolis, the shore of Lake Superior, and a lonely country highway. A man in the twilight of his career falls in love with a young woman at the dawn of hers. A girl at the end of her rope finds an unexpected friend in an eccentric stranger. An artist takes stock of his life’s work and discovers an unwelcome truth. With prose that evokes wonder and fear, regret and relief, Erin Bartels draws meaning from the small moments of life, challenging us to be still, to notice, to dream—and to hope.





Intentional Writer ebook CVR FINALsmThe Intentional Writer

Wish you had the time to write? Find it difficult to even carve out a space for creative work? Feel like all of your inspiration is being consumed by tasks you don’t even enjoy? The Intentional Writer was written for you. This entertaining and informative book will help you analyze your motivations for writing, put yourself in the path of inspiration to keep your ideas flowing, deal with both internal and external distractions, reshape your surroundings and your schedule to aid your process, and take your work from first draft to final publishable product.


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