The Intentional Writer: Finding the Time, Space, and Inspiration You Need To Write

I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog and now here it is. Inspired by the presentation I gave at the Breathe Christian Writers Conference last October and bringing together some of my best blogging and writing about writing, I offer you The Intentional Writer.

Intentional Writer ebook CVR FINAL

It’s available on Kindle now and I will soon be working on formatting the print edition. Here’s the description of what you’ll get inside:

You can make creative writing a regular part of your life—without making it a rigid daily requirement.

If you are trying to make creative writing a more intentional—and yet not tyrannical—part of your life, The Intentional Writer will help you to pursue your goals, hone your craft, and get your work out there into the hands of readers. This entertaining and informative book will help you analyze your motivations for writing, put yourself in the path of inspiration to keep your ideas flowing, deal with both internal and external distractions, reshape your surroundings and your schedule to aid your process, and take your work from first draft to final publishable product.

From encouragement and insight to the nuts and bolts of storytelling and editing, you’ll find something in the following pages that will change your writing rhythm for the better.

2 thoughts on “The Intentional Writer: Finding the Time, Space, and Inspiration You Need To Write

  1. Hi Erin, I will buy this book. I have quite a library on “how to write this and that and why”, but your ideas are helpful. I finished my first novel, edited and all, and am now going through the agent queries. There are many reasons for novels to catch on or to be rejected. I don’t keep my hopes up. Your experience will surely teach me something valuable, and by just reading the “teaser”, I know it will, because you went through it. Thanks for sharing. The kindle price is like a bonus for all the work you did.

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