The Beauty of “The End”

Almost four months ago to the day, I wrote this post about my rather unsatisfying writing vacation at Gun Lake, where I had hoped to finish a good first draft of my current WIP, but only succeeded in getting lots of words down on the page that I knew I’d have to fix later. I’ve been picking away at it on and off since then, adding layers and altering plot lines and deepening characters. And I am happy to be able to say that it is now ready for my first beta readers’ critiques. It feels so good to not only have it finished, but to be happy with it. I’m not truly done, of course. Once I get feedback from a few readers I’ll have plenty to edit. But the first big hurdle — writing the dang thing — has been cleared.

In reaching The End, there is a loosening of something that had been wound tight in my chest, a liberating sensation that I am now free to work on a new story, one that has been forming in my mind for weeks, like a flock of birds ahead of winter’s snows. After all, The End is really just the beginning of something new…

One thought on “The Beauty of “The End”

  1. Hi, I feel your pain ( as we all do I think). Whatever The End may be, there is never an end to writing. It is a never ending journey. The prima donnas apart, for the simple folks trotting page by page, ending something for a new beginning is always a relief. And then begins the real battle. You know what I mean.
    Congrats with your upgraded website. Your picture shows maturity. No doubt because of the continuing journey.

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