On Marmots and Busting through Writer’s Block

According to a fat little marmot, we will be having an early spring. But I don’t put much stock in what marmots say, so I imagine that spring will come officially on March 20th and that we in Michigan will still have to suffer the insult of an April snowfall and wait until May to plant our tomatoes.

However, I do know of one thing that will be coming early. One day after I wrote this, I finished this…

The Door

Once I settled my mind on the point of the whole thing, the writing of February’s short story went from slow-drip to freely flowing. And that feels so very good. I’ll leave it alone until my “editor” has a chance to critique it, but I’m itching to get it styled and uploaded to Amazon. I imagine it will be ready around Valentine’s Day. Though I’m not sure of it’s “giftability.”

I’m also eager to get started on my next story. Here’s a peek at what’s coming down the line for March…

This Elegant Ruin cover