Looking for a little something extra? Here’s where you’ll find it. Audio of original short stories or poems. Video Q&As. Maybe an interview with an author or otherwise interesting person. Who knows what visual and aural delights might show up on this page full of totally random stuff I wasn’t sure where to put?



Ninety-Eight: A River City Story



I was thrilled to be Ginny L. Yttrup’s first guest on her brand new Words for Writers podcast. We talked about All That We Carried, writing under deadline, the writing and publishing process, and more. You can listen to that episode here. If you’re a writer, be sure to subscribe because she has a great lineup of guests coming up!



A great conversation with authors Rachel Mans McKenny and Kathleen Basi about writing as people of faith who don’t write in the traditional Christian Fiction genre.


In conversation with Scottish author (and friend) Lainey Cameron about We Hope for Better Things sweeping the WFWA Star Awards (plus some advice to writers just starting out)


We Hope for Better Things is a Michigan Notable Book for 2020


Watch the book trailer for The Words between Us



Longtime readers may remember one of my old blogs, The Consummate Amateur, where I chronicled my life as a young mother, aspiring writer, constant seamstress, and sometime gardener. If you’re looking for a deep dive into my life and thoughts during my early thirties, this is it! Sadly, the blog that preceded it, Stuff No One Would Publish, has disappeared from the internet. It’s somewhere on my hard drive. I think. But it will likely remain there, in obscurity, ad infinitum.