In addition to writing my own award-winning novels, I work in the publishing industry, both as a full-time copywriter and as a freelance writer and editor. I have been helping writers improve their craft since I was a writing tutor in college in the late 1990s, and I have been helping authors reach their audience with superior copywriting since 2003. As a freelance developmental editor and book coach for the past decade, I’ve helped numerous writers get their manuscripts in the best possible shape to either pitch to agents or take the next step in self-publishing. So, what can I do for you?

Now scheduling projects for Spring 2023 and beyond. Just email me at

Copywriting for Self-Publishing Authors

PACKAGE 1 – paperback & ebook back cover copy – $250

  • 150–250 words of descriptive sell copy designed to get a potential reader to buy the paperback and/or ebook

PACKAGE 2 – jacketed hardcover, paperback & ebook cover copy – $500

  • 300–400 words of descriptive sell copy broken up into back cover, front flap, and back flap copy designed to get a potential reader to buy the hardcover book
  • 150–250 words of descriptive sell copy designed to get a potential reader to buy the paperback and/or ebook


  • 3 short (approx. 15–20 words) taglines/headlines for ads/promos – $50
  • 1 medium (approx. 100 words) headline + ad copy for ads/promos – $50
  • 1 long (approx. 200 words) headline + ad copy for ads/promos – $75
  • Social media posts (280 characters or fewer) that pull out key themes in the book – $25 each
  • Title/subtitle assistance – I have 20 years of experience generating effective titles and subtitles for both fiction and nonfiction and will provide 3–5 good options for your book. – $100


Developmental Editing

The big-picture edit you need before querying agents or self-publishing. Targeted feedback on plot, POV, pacing, setting, character development, and dialogue will help you take your story to the next level and even make writing the next book easier. Service includes initial phone call, a thorough developmental “letter” that goes through each issue identifying the problems and proposing solutions, a marked-up manuscript with more specific advice for revision, a final phone call to answer questions and brainstorm more solutions, and email support throughout. Hourly or flat rate available. 

Flat rate – $2000
Recommended for writers who have less experience, have just finished their first manuscript, or who feel they need a lot of help “fixing” their manuscript. These projects often take more time and an hourly rate could add up to more than you bargained for.

Hourly rate – $100/hr
Recommended for more experienced writers whose work is already fairly well-developed but who may have a specific issue they need help solving. The hourly rate is only charged for the time spent reading and working on the manuscript and developmental edit letter. You are not charged for time in email support or phone calls. Typically these jobs range around 16-18 hours, but depending on the state of the manuscript, that is not guaranteed.


Personal Coaching

Stuck in a story rut? I can help you see your way forward, increase conflict and tension, deepen characters to drive your plot, and finally type THE END. You’ll get

  • an initial 60-minute phone conversation about your project
  • an initial read-through of what you have written on the project so far
  • 60-minute brainstorming sessions/check-ins every 2 to 4 weeks as desired
  • email support throughout
  • 15% discount on a full developmental edit when you finish your manuscript

3-month package: $250 nonrefundable deposit + $250 a month
6-month package: $250 nonrefundable deposit + $225 a month
9-month package: $250 nonrefundable deposit + $200 a month
12-month package: $250 deposit (refunded at end of 12 months) + $200 a month*

*Best Value – The 12-month package saves you $850 over the course of the year.

In addition, I offer a 10% discount on any coaching package if the entire cost is paid in one lump sum up front.