ERIN BARTELS is a copywriter by day, a novelist by night, and a wife, mother, seamstress, painter, poet, and photographer in between. She lives in the beautiful state of Michigan where she is never more than a 90 minute drive from one of the Great Lakes or six miles from an inland lake, river, or stream. She grew…

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My musings on creativity, writing, sewing, nature, Michigan, family, faith, and more, along with all the latest news on my book projects. Usually accompanied by lovely photos and sprinkled with what I hope amounts to good advice. Come back often and follow through email so you’ll never miss a post.

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Whether you want to wind down at night with a short story, ramp up your writing career with some great advice for aspiring writers, or settle in for a novel-length work that will sweep you into the past and delve deep into our present cultural realities, I hope you’ll find something here that challenges you,…

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Michigan is an incredible state to live in and visit. On this page I’ve gathered links to great websites that highlight Michigan’s natural beauty, offer Michigan-made products, and unfold the pages of Michigan history. There are also lots of links to great hiking trails, higher education, and Michigan publishing companies. There is something special about…

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Teasel and Spiderweb

Writing Philosophy

There are times in life when our disparate passions may cross paths through no design of our own, when a talent that often seemed to us a pointless exercise can suddenly be put to great and satisfying use. In that moment of connection, if we are paying attention, we may uncover our own, unique voice. I…

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Understory Press

Most of the trees that make up a forest are towering giants that form the canopy. But beneath those behemoths is the understory. Slender and subtle, these graceful trees use fewer resources, but they also put forth spectacular shows of spring blossoms and provide fruit for wildlife in the fall. Understory Press is like one…

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