Shed That Skin

Some mornings, if you’re paying attention, you see something magical right outside your front door.

This little leafhopper, less than a half-inch long, still hasn’t unfurled his wings after molting. It was nice of him to let me take his picture anyway.

This little creature reminds me that when I’m feeling constricted in that old skin (or in his case, that old exoskeleton) all I have to do to feel a bit better is break out of it.

You’re not bound to the way you’ve done things in the past if they aren’t working. You’ve got a bright new you inside, waiting to get out. Make a change. Stretch your wings. And hop on forward.

3 thoughts on “Shed That Skin

  1. This could be a scary thing. Some might worry with such a big change, their wings might not work; they might fall. I wonder: when does the leaf hopper know it’s ready to fly? Does it even know, ir does it jump in spite of risk?

  2. There’s the rub. 🙂
    I have a feeling we humans second guess ourselves way more than the leafhopper does. I think it jumps because it somehow knows it was made to jump.
    Question is, what are each of us made to do?
    Thanks for reading!

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