Rebuilding Classroom Libraries

I’ve made my donation of 12 books to help rebuild these school libraries lost to flooding in Louisiana. Please consider buying a few things off their Amazon wishlists. It’s an easy way to send some help to a broken and hurting community.

Lumos Libri


I’ve been teaching middle school English for over 20 years and like other veteran educators have seen movements start, end, get repackaged, and begin again with renewed vigor.  One of the things I know for sure: nothing beats recreational reading.

It’s one thing to know this and another to know and apply classroom practices fostering a genuine love of books.  Having a robust classroom library is a must, not a luxury.  Yes, I’m lucky to be in a school with a fantastic library.  Even luckier to have a supportive, energetic librarian.  But having books right there to put in the hands of a reader at the right moment?  That’s where the magic happens.

The magic of hearing a girl tell me after reading Linda Sue Park‘s A Single Shard, “This book was so great.  I’ve never read about a character from Korea like me.”  The magic of having…

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2 thoughts on “Rebuilding Classroom Libraries

  1. I have faith the reading community will pull through for our students. After all, we are a hopeful lot. I’m so grateful for your support of this initiative!

  2. Wow this pile of books touches me…I was an elementary teacher for 27 years….I get the whole classroom library. Whoa that picture speaks volumes. I can smell the wet books, and it makes me want to send fresh ones. How sad. Thank you for writing this, and making people aware, and of how to help.

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