A Self Portrait Photo Reference

When thinking rather halfheartedly about the new year I mentioned in this space that I might try to paint a self portrait in 2016. To that end I thought I ought to take a reference photo to guide me (looking in the mirror and moving all around doesn’t seem wise for a beginner like me — come to think of it, the whole thing may be a disaster). I think I have one I like…

Self Portrait Reference Photo

I have only now to decide whether I might like to make this even more interesting by trying out oil paints for the first time rather than watercolors. The dark background would certainly be easier in oils, though the skin would be easier in watercolor. Maybe I’ll start with a watercolor study and then do one in oils.

But don’t expect too much of me. It’s Ash Wednesday and today of all days I am more keenly aware of my limitations and all the ways I fall short. I’ve had some success in the distant past drawing human beings, but never painting them. I haven’t decided yet whether to show you the results of my efforts if they turn out catastrophically bad…

3 thoughts on “A Self Portrait Photo Reference

  1. I’ve just joined a portrait class – hadn’t thought of doing a self portrait but my feeling is go for it. I’m sure that Rembrandt did so many because a) he didn’t have to pay a model b) he didn’t have to put up with a model that complained all the time and c) it was a kind of diary. Still three good reasons and as for showing us, yes, we’d love to see it but this YOUR blog. Trust your instinct!

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