Michigan Gets Under Your Skin – the Jeff Daniels Edition

Most of my lifetime, Michigan has been bleeding population, largely the result of the collapsing manufacturing sector as factory jobs were outsourced to other countries (this largely as the result of decisions made by millionaires who just weren’t satisfied with all they already had). We’ve been enjoying a slow but steady recovery over the past decade thanks to some savvy marketing and a few sane, practical politicians, adding jobs, revitalizing cities, reimagining derelict factories and warehouses as loft housing and small businesses and incubators. We’ve been attracting a lot of good press, a lot of tourism. Sure, we’ve had some spectacular failures — but the harder the winter the more glorious the spring.

Actor, playwright, and musician Jeff Daniels is just one native Michigander who knows the true value of living here. And PBS News Hour did a nice little segment on what he’s been up to in his small hometown of Chelsea (which they describe as being an hour west of Detroit, because everything in Michigan is described to outsiders in terms of its proximity to the Motor City; it’s also about an hour southeast of Lansing). Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Michigan Gets Under Your Skin – the Jeff Daniels Edition

  1. I live in Michigan, and have been to Chelsea and driven by Jeff’s house! My husband used to play with his son, so I have this weird like adoration for Jeff Daniels, and it makes me happy that he feels Michigan is a great place. It really is, there is more than just Detroit, there are beautiful lakes, gorgeous scenery, and small towns that make you feel like you are home, no matter where you live.

  2. He was just at a little local theater near us (The Acorn, in Three Oaks), playing with his son’s band. And I missed it! Forgot all about it. D’oh. But everyone who went said it was delightful, and that Jeff shared anecdotes throughout, many about Hollywood, but that his love of Michigan shone through it all.

    Chelsea’s great. We love stopping at the Common Grill. And who doesn’t love Jiffy corn biscuits? Every kitchen larder in MI has a box on the shelves.

    Cool post, Erin! Have a great weekend.

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