Pet Practicalities

birdsMy 15-year-old shepherd mix Sasha is back on prednisone for a cough and on some pain med to see if it helps her mobility with her weakening back legs. As we think about the fact that this will probably be her last year, my husband and I have been discussing whether or not to get perhaps a parakeet or cockatiel so we will not be left petless when the time comes, now that our cat has gone on to another home.

Beyond the obvious benefit to my allergic son, not having a cat in the house has made more than a few things much better. Mainly, I can now lay out fabric on my sewing table and not have it become encased in a layer of fine cat fur when it is mistaken as a good place to take a nap. A close second this time of year is the fact that I will be able to start vegetable seeds in the house and will not come into the sunroom one day to find that all of my baby plants have been beheaded, half-digested, and then regurgitated in a yellow puddle on the floor. I’m also anticipating the possibilities of cut flowers all summer long.

A contained, non-furry pet who could be brought to a friend’s house when we’re out of town is far preferable to us at this point in life than another dog, even if it were smaller and less sheddy. Non-free-ranging animals are easier in some ways.

What do you think? Anyone had a bird as a pet before? What was your favorite (or least favorite) pet?