Settling into Cold and Cloudy

While a winter storm is apparently raging on the Atlantic coast, we in mid-Michigan have been enjoying a sunny day. But we’ll need to soak it up while we can, as the forecast calls for high temps in the teens and lots of clouds through the end of the month.

Late January and into February, my irritating habit of making the most of the weather starts to fade. The more the people around you complain about the snow and ice and wind, the more you start to resent it all too.

But I’m telling myself that it is a very, very good thing that I will not be able to get out into the garden until late April. I have a writing goal to reach and I don’t want to get distracted. With everything in my work in progress going fairly well (I’m up to chapter nine and have topped 20,000 words since starting just three weeks ago) I’ve decided to shoot for finishing the first draft by Easter (which is April 20th this year). If I reach that goal, then I can let the thing settle for a month while I get the yard and gardens in order and spend some serious time outside enjoying spring.

So I’m looking at the cold and cloudy near future as an asset rather than a reason to despair.

What about you? What are you going to get done before spring rolls along?

4 thoughts on “Settling into Cold and Cloudy

  1. I’m loving our great winter! Snow-shoeing, skiing, stoking the fire. Winter is best for me!

  2. I also love winter. It’s 69 degrees and sunny here in Florida! Keep writing…I love your work.

  3. Let me tell you… in years past I *thought* I was ready for spring, but no, no, no, no… as a writer, the best creative (and productive) season for me is winter. The minute it starts getting warmer outside, the more guilt I feel, like I should be outside enjoying it. The thing is, I love winter and the challenge of going out and walking (or shoveling) when no one else wants to brave the cold, but once everyone is out and about, the novelty is over for me! LOL I know I’m a head case, but what writer isn’t?

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