I’m Checking My Own List…Once

I know that generally the only lists on our minds this time of year are Christmas lists, Top Ten {insert pointless thing here} of 2013 lists, and lists of celebrity deaths (why do we do this every year?) but my December list is a little different.

I’m busy hacking away at my little “Finish in 2013” to-do list. I have one more short story to write, one more book to finish reading, an article to write, some brochure copy to revise, some bills to pay, and some edits to make. I’m winding down as fast as I can so that I can fully enjoy gearing up for my 2014 novel-writing extravaganza!

I love lists because I love checking things off.

And I really like the feeling of a closed door at the end of the year, nothing hanging on out there in my synapses that I still have to deal with.

A new year means a new chapter, especially for people like me who have birthdays so close to the beginning of the year (January 2nd, in my case). A month from today I will be 34, and I want to start the new year fresh and ready for the next big thing.

What’s the next big thing for you?

One thought on “I’m Checking My Own List…Once

  1. Since you asked… In March 2014 I expect I will return to work after six-month leave of absence. In February I will confirm and plan for that. I am deciding this very night what to do with December and January… Oh, you meant *writing* plans? I’ve recently started work on Powernaut 2005 Episode 3, to be titled “Workin’ for the Powernaut!” http://www.eilertech.com/stories/powernaut/

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