Choosing Your Mood, Creating Your Future

We woke up this morning to delightful sunshine piercing through the cracks of the blinds. It put me in an excellent mood. Then I raised the blinds in my son’s light-filled east-facing room and saw it. Snow. Over everything. Mood instantly changed.

We’d been dusted while we were sleeping and as I write this all that snow has melted (and the clouds have rolled in). But that 10-second emotional rollercoaster this morning has colored the rest of my day.

I got a call from our trusted mechanic today and what we thought might be a small job that would cost a couple hundred dollars has turned out, upon closer inspection, to be something that will cost more. A lot more.

A productive morning has given way to a mentally sluggish afternoon.

A search for something pleasant and entertaining to read in the blogosphere over lunch became a descent into articles about models starving themselves (and eating tissues to feel full) and postpartum depression.

A morning of smart eating has given way to a craving to eat all the rest of the Easter candy in the house. (I haven’t given in. Yet. And at least I’m not eating tissues.)

Life can spin you around pretty quickly, in small ways and big ways. My problems, in the scheme of things, are very small. And then I see something like the video below and the sun comes out again in a big way.

Anything is possible. You can do it if you put your mind to it. So what are you going to do with the life you’ve been given?

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