Already October

How does this happen? September is a memory and I was just getting used to it. Time accelerates when you enter your thirties, and that effect is compounded exponentially when you have children.

The boy and I have managed to spend a fair amount of time outside in the blessedly cool and sunny weather in the past few weeks, enjoying the changing leaves, the crisp breeze, and the busy birds and squirrels preparing for what I hope is a very cold and snowy winter.

I’ve managed to survive (almost–we’re not quite at the printer yet) another catalog season at work. I’ve managed to sew some things I’m rather fond of. I’ve managed to lose a few more pounds. I’ve managed to better my 5k time.

But I’m hoping that October is more than a month of managing. I want October to be a month of productive work, both in terms of writing and around the house. I have a short story I need to finish and polish and send away to a writing contest. I have a garden in need of winter preparations. I have a number of foods that need canning. I have a home in need (one might say desperate need, but who wants to be that dramatic?) of a thorough cleaning.

It’s already October. And I’m more than ready to get it all done.

One thought on “Already October

  1. I see that you captured that bright red tree in the middle of the big field at Fenner. It is so bright compared to everything around it. I like your photo of the ant on the tiny blossoms.

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