This evening I spent more than five hours on the Interwebs researching literary agents and sending out query letters and the occasional sample of my work. This after a work day that included four hours of titling meetings (to which I phone in and watch what’s going on in the office on my computer screen) and four other hours answering emails and editing copy. And I must say, thirteen hours in front of a computer screen is a bit on the soul-sucking side.

And yet, here I am, writing a blog post. Glutton for punishment? No, just feeling the need to process.

As I work in marketing at a publishing house, I see the journey of a book from that end of things (which is really somewhere in the middle). As a writer, I know what goes into it on the very front end as well. But this middle ground, this nowhere, this limbo of finding a literary agent to represent my novel to publishers is a new world for me. One that involves much thought, much nuance, much typing with my elbows on the hard desk, much pain in the neck, shoulders, and back from too much, too much, too much sitting.

But I was inspired to renew my search today because yesterday my very dear husband, best friend, and fellow writer secured a literary agent of his own. I was so happy for him I couldn’t stop smiling for over an hour. And every time I think about it, I smile some more. We write in different genres and for probably vastly different audiences, so there’s no jealousy there. Though I must say, he snagged representation pretty quickly (so don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done–it’s just that it doesn’t happen that quickly very often). And now he begins the long, slow, nervous journey from representation to a publishing contract.

I shall begin my wait to hear back from busy agents with too much on their plates. And I shall try to perfect my practice of patience in the process.

This, That, and the Other

In my non-literary life, I spend a lot of time sewing, often using vintage patterns, sometimes vintage pieces of fabric, and sometimes both. A recent creation of mine was featured on The Sew Weekly, to which I am a regular contributor. And I was happy to receive a nod from the lovely Jody at Couture Allure, who was the source for the vintage flapper dress pieces that made their way into my 1920s dropwaist dress.

I did a lot more blogging about my sewing on my previous blogs, but I thought I’d mention this particular project as a jumping off point for a new feature I’m developing called Destination Lansing. In 2013, I will do a weekly blog post highlighting the many things that make living in or visiting Michigan’s state capital a treat. One of those places will be Potter Park Zoo, where I recently wore this dress. Why would someone wear a flapper dress a la The Great Gatsby to a zoo? Well, it will all make sense if you read this.

And though F. Scott Fitzgerald was not from Michigan, he was born in the midwest, so there’s a loose tie-in there with the real purpose of this blog (to champion the region and, eventually, feature more content of Michigan authors, books set in Michigan, and my own literary efforts, which are ongoing but as of yet mostly private).

Beyond that, sewing occupies a prominent spot in my next work in progress, so it’s not completely unrelated to my writing. Anyway, I guess since this is my space I don’t really need to justify what I decide to write about here, do I?  😉

As the rottenly hot summer winds up today and cool autumn begins tomorrow, I anticipate the return of my poetic muse (who rarely visits in the summertime) and I’m looking forward to sharing the beauty of this bittersweet season with all of you.

It’s Always a Good Time

As a fan of my beautiful state, I can’t not share this Pure Michigan video, and the long list of links to go with the lyrics. It will put a smile on your face!

Learn more about all these Michigan cities and attractions at

This entire video was filmed in just one week, traveling the state in a Chrysler 200, beginning August 18th. For business and media opportunities email or

Buy Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest single, “Good Time” here:

Pure Michigan Parody Lyrics and Links:

Mackinaw City –
Newberry – Woah-oh-oh It’s always a good time
woah-oh-oh-oh it’s always a good time
Silver Lake –

Marquette – Woke up with the best view from my bed
Jackson – What’s up with this waterfall behind my head?
Midland – Hands up if you’re down with the mitten tonight
Rogers City – ‘Cuz it’s always a good time
Harbor Springs – Slept in on my boat like I didn’t care
Michigan Speedway – Hopped into a car take me anywhere
Traverse City – I’m in if you’re down with some wine tonight
Mackinac Island – ‘Cuz it’s always a good time

Portage – Good morning for a flight
Pontiac – We wake up at twilight
Whitehall – It’s gonna be alright
Rochester – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time

Lansing – Woah-oh-oh-oh
Joe Louis Arena – Woah-oh-oh-oh It’s always a good time
Muskegon – Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
Sault Ste. Marie – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time

Battle Creek – good time, good time, it’s always a good time
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore –

Royal Oak – Freaked out by all these polar bears again
Frankenmuth – Checked out of the north pole to Michigan
St. Claire Shores – Let’s hang out if you’re down with the D tonight
Charlevoix – ‘Cuz it’s always a good time

Grayling – Good morning for a bite
Bay City – We look up at twilight
Southfield – The weather looks alright
The Henry Ford – We don’t even have to try it’s always a [Woo!] good time.

Holland – Woah-oh-oh-oh
Kalamazoo – Woah-oh-oh-oh it’s always a good time
Saginaw – Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
Caseville – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time.

Ann Arbor – Woah-oh-oh-oh
Ludington – Woah-oh-oh-oh, It’s always a good time
Grand Rapids – Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
Boyne City – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time

Comerica Park – Doesn’t matter when, take me home to Michigan
Westland – Doesn’t matter where, always will feel better there
Novi – Doesn’t matter when, take me home to Michigan
Detroit Lions – It’s always a good time!

Flint – Woah-oh-oh-oh
St. Ignace – Woah-oh-oh-oh it’s always a good time
Petoskey – Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
Gaylord – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time

Detroit Institute of Arts – Woah-oh-oh-oh
Country Dairy – Woah-oh-oh-oh it’s always a good time
Fox Theatre – Woah-oh-oh-oh Woah-oh-oh-oh
Ypsilanti – We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!

Grand Haven –