According to the Lansing City Pulse, “Lansing author Erin Bartels may have struck gold with her debut work of historical fiction.” We Hope for Better Things made their Ten Best Reads of 2019 list!

It was such a joy to talk with Emily Humphries on her Simply Stories podcast. We covered a lot of ground, including the process of making writing a part of your life, the role of stories in the church, and how we view our neighbors. Give it a listen!

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Take a listen to this ten-minute interview with Marty Guise of the Bott Radio Network — the perfect length for a work break or a short commute.

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We Hope for Better Things opens this BookBub list of emotional, cathartic, and heartbreaking books coming in 2019. And what amazing company it is in!

I was absolutely thrilled to show up on this Popsugar list of 10 Books by Debut Authors to Watch in 2019 alongside five other writers from my Debut Authors 19 group on Facebook — including Mike Chen, Katrin Schumann, Andrea Rothman, Megan Collins, and James Charlesworth.

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The cover of We Hope for Better Things is one of Spine Magazine’s Book Covers We Love in the first week of January.

And speaking of book covers, it appears that the cover of We Hope for Better Things is part of a newly identified cover trend!

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We Hope for Better Things was one of the most requested titles for early reviewers on Library Thing in October.

We Hope for Better Things was mentioned in a Relz Reviewz cover reveal article: “I’m excited for debut author Erin Bartels’ novel – the cover is intriguing and the storyline sounds intense and very relevant.”

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